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Prateek® Tapes, a part of Lalit Jain Industries Private Limited, was established by the promoter, Mr. Lalit Kumar Jain. Prateek® Tapes is over 30 year old product and serves best quality adhesive solutions.

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Foam Tapes


◉ Tape with both sides adhesive coating suitable for wall mounts, cable mounts & multi-applications.

◉ Excellent shock resistance, heat insulating, double stick, ultra flexibility.

◉ Various grades available for wide range of bonding applications.

◉ Also Available highly specialized foam tapes from ohmonn.


◉ Wide range of Single Sided Foam Tapes available in various thickness.

◉ EVA and PE Base foam tapes available with hotmelt, solvent and acrylic based adhesive.

◉ Single Sided foam tapes are suitable for insulation purposes, Reducing vibration & blocks noise.

◉ Varius foam tapes are Used in HVAC Equipment Panels, fiber free insulation alternative, metal to metal seals/gaskets/gap filler and wrapping chilled water lines.

◉ Single Sided tapes are widely used for fixation of aluminium doors, panels, windows etc.